Why regular donations matter

Become a Suffolk Mind Supporter to help us in our mission to make Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental health.

Regular gifts, by direct debit, give us predicable income so we can commit to helping more people in Suffolk. We help over 50,000 people a year, but we want to support everyone in our county – particularly those that are struggling.

We are an independent charity that does not receive direct funds from national Mind. Instead, we need to raise our own money to develop services, education, advice, and support for people in Suffolk*

Did you know that 16 people are still ending their own lives every day in the UK?

You can help us change this in Suffolk. Start your monthly charity donation today.

Become a regular supporter today
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What does it mean to be a Suffolk Mind Supporter?

When you become a Suffolk Mind Supporter you will receive many exciting benefits. All we ask is that you support us by donating a minimum of £5 a month to help us continue providing vital services to the people of Suffolk.

By signing up to become a Supporter of Suffolk Mind you will get:

  • A special Supporter quarterly email with exclusive content from our team
  • Supporter pin badge and Suffolk Mind notebook which includes helpful information on staying well
  • Our Impact Report, which can be sent to you via email or post
  • Advance notice of upcoming events, including special events just for Supporters


  • An invitation to our fantastic face-to-face and virtual training programmes
  • Access to our annual supporter event celebrating achievements with our CEO and Head of Mental Health Education
  • The opportunity to join a voluntary focus group on improving mental health in Suffolk
  • A place in our Virtual Book Club community
How do you sign up to become a Suffolk Mind Supporter?

Signing up couldn’t be easier. Just click here to go to our donation page and choose an amount you would like to donate on a monthly basis. We will then be in touch to say a huge thank you and provide you with your welcome pack.

How will becoming a Suffolk Mind Supporter help us?

Our overall mission is to make Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental health. The logical starting point to achieving that is to ensure our young people know how to look after their mental health so they can take these tools into adulthood.

In a worrying survey of 26,000 young people in Suffolk, 45% said they have experienced poor mental health – that’s nearly half of our young people struggling mentally. Many adults that develop mental health problems first started to experience them as a child.

You can help us change this by becoming a Suffolk Mind supporter, so we can go into more schools to help more children to learn more about how to look after themselves, helping generations to come.

Your support could also help us create and provide lots of other vital services to adults to ensure we are there for everyone in Suffolk who needs our help.

And we need to raise money all the time for our counselling bursary fund, so that adults can access talking therapy without having to wait, or to pay private fees.

Our Promise to you

We will use your donations in the best way possible. We will develop mental health services and education in Suffolk, enabling people to transform their lives and to have support and hope. Please click here to find our latest audited accounts for more information.

* Excluding Lowestoft and Waveney. Please see another brilliant local Mind Association www.norfolkandwaveneymind.org.uk