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Ready, Steady...Go Suffolk!

About This Event

Are you ready to challenge yourself to support the mental health services we provide in Suffolk? Join the Ready, Steady… Go Suffolk! community and create your own challenge!

By embarking on a Ready, Steady… challenge you can help to raise vital funds for Suffolk Mind.

You can create your own challenge - it could be creative, such as being sponsored to knit your first jumper, or perhaps hosting an event: a quiz night or raffle… or something more physical like cycling a new distance, going wild swimming, or learning a new dance!

Anyone, anywhere, any age and any ability can take part and create their own challenge individually or as a team, to achieve something new, to stretch your mind or body, or do something you have been wanting to do for a while.

The money you raise through sponsorship will go towards supporting and developing our existing and new services that we provide across Suffolk. At a time when mental health has never been more important and the demand to help more people is increasing, funds raised go directly back into the work we do in your local community.

Whatever challenge you choose, you will be helping to make Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental health.

Getting involved is as easy as Ready, Steady… go you!

1.      Decide what you would like to do as your Ready, Steady… challenge – you can do it as a solo challenge or team up with your colleagues, friends or family.

2.     Plan your challenge - get the tools or materials you need, the space or place, training or support from peers and get ready to start.

3.     Set up and share your giving page – log on and set up your giving page here. Then share it with your friends and family and on social media to let people know what you are challenging yourself to do, and so they can sponsor you and support you.

4.     Complete your Ready, Steady… challenge and share your achievement with those who have supported you. Perhaps post photos or videos of you and tag #readysteadygosuffolk  #readysteadysuffolkmind

5.     A huge thank you from us - you are Ready, Steady… done! Feel good that you have achieved something amazing whilst helping to support others in your local community. You will get a special thank you in the post and certificate to frame!

Need some inspiration?

If you need some inspiration, then here are a few simple ideas to get you started…

Ready Steady… go vegan!

Why not challenge yourself, your colleagues or your household, and join millions of others who will be following a vegan diet for January this new year?

Ready Steady… go create!

Ever wanted to spend more time using your creative skills or learning a new craft? Why not challenge yourself to stretch your creative mind. You could try anything from crafting a sculpture to mastering the art of a certain style of photography. How about holding your very own workplace exhibition or auction off your masterpieces in aid of Suffolk Mind?

Ready Steady… go screen free!

Are you a scrolling fanatic? How about getting sponsored to go screen-free for 24 hours or switching to a non-smartphone for a week? You could reclaim that time by reading a book, writing a short story, getting out into nature, or cooking something new all whilst raising money for Suffolk Mind.

So, what’s your Suffolk Mind Challenge?

We would absolutely love to hear about your challenge. The money you raise will go towards supporting and developing our services across Suffolk at a time when mental health has never been more important.

If you have any questions about Ready, Steady… Go Suffolk! or would like any other information about how you can help to support us, please contact the Suffolk Mind fundraising team: [email protected]

Remember, however you choose to do it, keep to the current government guidelines, and complete your challenge safely. Latest UK government guidelines can be found here.

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